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Working for Valley Is a Dream Come True

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Written by Rebecca Novotny |
Rebecca Novotny

Almost 10 months have gone by since I started working in the Valley® Irrigation marketing department as the graphic designer. I knew after the first week of working with my team that this was going to be the best job I have ever had! 

I recall when I first knew I wanted to work for Valley. In 2008, I met the man who is now my husband, and he told me that he worked for Valley Irrigation. This was my first time hearing about this place called Valley and learning what a center pivot is. Growing up a farm girl in northwest Iowa, I was not familiar with pivots at all! They just aren’t that common from where I’m from. 

After dating for a year and learning more and more about Valley, I just knew this was a place I would like to work some day. As I said, I grew up on a farm where crops and hogs surrounded me. Farming is a very difficult, but proud, occupation. In the farming community, everyone understands and appreciates hard work. I knew that Valley would be the same. 

There are ups and downs in agriculture, but everyone stays proud and keeps working for what they believe in. Why not work for a company that is known for being Number 1 in irrigation and where people keep working for 40-plus years? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Seven years passed. I worked in the clothing and home décor business, the coffee business and the pharmacy business. And everywhere I worked, I was known as the country-bumpkin that came from a small town, enjoyed the outdoors and liked pigs. It was obvious that I belonged at Valley Irrigation! When a graphic designer job finally became available, I was lucky enough to be offered the job. 

On a daily basis, I get to help Valley dealers grow their businesses by providing them with the design assistance they need. I get to work with people in other countries, helping them with their marketing projects. And I can’t forget about the people I get to help in our offices or out in the shops. There are design projects everywhere at Valley.

Every day I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everyone I work with. The marketing team and others throughout the company have made me realize that it’s not only what you do at work that makes it great, it’s who you work with that makes it even better! I can’t begin to express my thankfulness for each and every person I get to work with. I am so fortunate to be an employee at Valley!

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