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Take BaseStation3™ for a Free Test Drive

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Written by John Campbell |
Take BaseStation3™ for a Free Test Drive

True story: I’m shopping for a different vehicle and found one at a local dealership.

When I went to look at it after work, the salesman asked what I thought. I replied that I’m sure it was great but I couldn’t really tell because it was dark and cold outside. To my surprise, he told me to take it home and drive it the next day, so I could get a better idea of whether it was what I was looking for.

I took it home, drove it around, looked at it in daylight and decided it was the right choice. I’m in the process of purchasing it now.

Why on earth am I telling you all of this? Because sometimes when you’re considering a significant purchase, you may know it’s the right decision, but you need a bit more reassurance. There’s no real substitute for trying it yourself, for more than a few minutes.

You probably already know that BaseStation3™ is the best choice for your operation, but just need a bit more familiarity with its capabilities. Why not take it for a day or two and try it out yourself? Now you can with our free Demo.

To try our online Demo, just click this link. It will take you to a full version of BaseStation3 that is tied to a simulated farm. It will allow you to execute commands, explore its features and really get a good sense of what a powerful tool BaseStation3 is.

And, if you're reading this on your smartphone or tablet, why not try the BaseStation3 mobile app Demo? Just download the free BaseStation3 app from your app store and click on the Demo button. You can take that for a test drive too.

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