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What do Valley Values Mean to Growers?

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Valley Values

Valley® Irrigation is built on five pillars of Valley Value that are the backbone of the company: reliability, durability, advanced technology, responsiveness and precision. 

But what does that mean to the growers working in the field day in and day out? Simply put, the Valley Value means growers get the best equipment and the most value for their money. 

Let’s focus on two of those values – reliability and durability. If you’ve ever owned Valley equipment or worked with a Valley dealer, you know those aren’t empty words or promises. From the workhorse, Made in the USA Valley Gearbox to the trusting relationships dealers build, growers know that everything about Valley is dependable.

Valley Gearbox

Valley Vice President of Global Marketing Matt Ondrejko says, “Reliability is not a label that can just be slapped on a product, it has to be earned. Reliability is something gained by days and years in the field, performing at an expected high-level every time.”

Obviously, irrigation equipment needs to run, and run well. That reliability is evident in Valley products, but it also goes beyond the machines. As Valley dealer Blake Reid of Reid Brothers Irrigation in Unadilla, Ga., says, “It’s easy for me to sell Valley products, because I believe in them.

“Our family used Valley when we were farming. But our customers aren’t just paying for steel and equipment. They’re buying the service that goes with it. They’re buying the reputation of Reid Brothers. A reputation we’ve worked hard to build.”

Blake’s uncle, Jim Reid of Reid Brothers in Americus, Ga., agrees completely.

“The ones who do business with us appreciate the quality of Valley and our service,” Jim Reid says. “We’ve built a reputation of quality. We’re very picky as we’d expect nothing less for ourselves, so why would we for others?” 

It’s not unusual for a Valley pivot to be passed on from one generation to the next, and that’s a real source of pride.

“The durability of a Valley pivot is known throughout the world,” says Ondrejko. “That durability is a key reason why the majority of irrigators continue to buy and recommend Valley machines to their friends and neighbors. Our customers work hard and have grit and they expect nothing less of their equipment. Valley delivers on that expectation.”

Scott Polzin of Valley dealership North Central Irrigation in Plainfield, Wis., says that Valley machines last a long time.

“There are some around here that still have their pivots from the 80s,” Polzin says. “That alone shows how well built and constructed the machine is.

“People are glad to have Valley products, because they don’t need as much repair. But they also recognize that it’s the service that keeps them running so long. It’s that combination that makes Valley the industry’s finest.” 

Excerpted from Valley PivotPoint® magazine, Spring 2015

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