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Take a Fresh Look at Field Days, Organize a Rally Valley

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Rally Valley

A few months ago, Valmont® SAU (Valmont Western Europe and West Africa) was preparing to launch the new Valley® remote control products BaseStation3™ and AgSense® in Europe. We wanted to organize something different and in some way bigger than what we have done in the past. We were looking for an original, innovative kind of field day – the most effective way of doing promotions and getting closer to our customers – and found the work of our Brazilian colleagues who created a new type of event: the Rally Valley. We found it amazing, fresh, dynamic and very professional. So, we decided to get involved in the Rally Valley adventure!

Let me tell you how we adapted this great concept to our regions:

We organized our first stop in Spain, in the northern regions of Leon and Zamora, a two-day road trip of about 700 kilometers (about 435 miles). A key goal for us was to make our local Valley dealers part of the adventure; we wanted them to own the event. After some talks, we had the chance to be hosted at one of our dealer’s special customer’s farm. It was an occasion for the farmer to present his farm and his projects, and explain the success of his choices. Other farmers from the region were invited to attend to the Rally Valley. More than 80 farmers answered to our call and sacrificed some of their precious time to be with us.

During the morning, the growers were divided in the workshops to learn about AgSense products, BaseStation3 and water application.

Rally Valley

During the afternoon, the farm’s owner explained the reasons for choosing and benefits of using Valley products in his operation. It was also a great opportunity to understand why he bet on Valley new technologies.

So, those of you reading in this in Europe and West Africa (or really anywhere), if you have the space on your farm to host some great customized pickup trucks, a wonderful and motivated team of Valley warriors, a film crew (including a drone), just contact your local Valley dealer and let’s do it!

You may ask, “What’s in it for me in the end? What is my interest in hosting a Rally Valley on my farm?” Let me tell you what we saw: tremendous pride in presenting your farm and irrigation projects to other farmers of your region, greatly appreciated exposure for your local Valley dealer, and the chance to promote the Valley brand in an amazing way. Plus, you will receive drone images of your farm and Valley machines. Become one of our Valley international rally projects and be forever part of the Valley family!

I hope I have given you the taste of Rally Valley. We will see you on the road again soon!

Be proud of your farm, be proud of your brand, host a Rally Valley!

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