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Behind the Scenes with Russ DeLong

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Russ DeLong

Behind the Scenes at Valley® is a series showcasing the people behind the pivots. 

Russ DeLong, the plant manager in McCook, Neb., started working for Valmont® in 1970. “I left briefly for about 10 months, but returned. I always say I left bread crumbs so I could find home again.”

During those 40-plus years, Russ worked as an assembler, a galvanizer, in machinery maintenance, in facilities maintenance, as a maintenance lead person, an environmental specialist, a supervisor, a production manager, an aftermarket parts distribution center manager, a regional manager for aftermarket parts in North America, and is now a plant manager. 

What he likes most about Valley is the people, and he is proud that our products and services help feed the world. 

"One of my best memories of founder Robert Daugherty is that he always had time to say hello and ask you how things were going. Several times each week, he’d walk through the factory and find time to talk. I started at Valmont when I was just 19. One of the first things the “older guys” told me was that Mr. Daugherty would stop and talk to me at some point. Their advice was to always tell him the truth, no matter what it was. The culture was to ‘always tell the truth; we can deal with the truth, whatever it might be.’ Pretty simple. But, also, pretty powerful when everyone knows honesty and integrity is expected.” 

Outside of work, Russ enjoys golfing, flying his plane, traveling, reading and cooking. He also is a car enthusiast.

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