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Find Out How a Center Pivot Is Built

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Written by Jill Zwiener |
Building a pivot

Whether you’re driving by farms in the U.S., South America or Europe, it’s likely you’ve seen a center pivot in the field irrigating the crops.

While driving by those pivots, you may have wondered who built them and how they were built. Well, they made it to the field through a chain of extremely hard working individuals that are a part of the Valley® Irrigation family.

The center pivots are manufactured by dedicated Valley employees that work each day to ensure a quality product. Then they’re delivered to our 400 plus Valley dealers throughout the world. The dealers ensure the pivots are constructed and put into service in the fastest way possible.

Here’s your chance to see how our crews build them! Click the link below to watch our talented team from Heine Electric & Irrigation in Nebraska build the No. 1 selling brand of center pivot in the world.

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