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Supplemental Irrigation Making a Splash in Midwest

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Written by Matt Ondrejko |
Supplemental Irrigation Making a Splash in Midwest

While traveling across the U.S. to visit our dealers and growers, I got to spend some quality time with Steve Sutter at Landmark Irrigation. Landmark services the eastern part of Iowa, the western part of Illinois and the eastern part of Missouri.  

Landmark is close to the Mississippi River where the soil and weather tend to be very conducive to good, strong crop growth. Because of the high average rainfall, the dealership has had to show growers the benefit of “supplemental irrigation” as a way to grow the center pivot market in the area.  

By putting a center pivot on a field in this area you are buying an insurance policy for when the weather doesn’t cooperate. In dry years, the benefit of supplemental irrigation can mean as much as 100 bushels per acre difference.  

Other years, it is less about how much water, but when that water is being applied to the crops in this area. Applied at the right time, that water can make all the difference. 

From the look of things, Landmark has done a great job educating growers about the benefits of supplemental irrigation in this part of the U.S. There sure are a lot of Valley signs dotting the landscape!

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