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New Website Offers Irrigation Education

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Written by Kelly Schultze | - irrigation education, training and resources

When you know more, you grow more.

Earlier this month, a free irrigation education website debuted for everyone in the agriculture industry. is a one-stop source for irrigation information, offering courses ranging from Theory of Pivot Operation to Soil Infiltration.

Valmont® Irrigation, AgSense®, Senninger® Irigation and Nelson® Irrigation have sponsored courses on to help increase knowledge about irrigation practices and products.

With the online course format, you can learn in a fun and interactive way. Photos, videos and even optional games help make your experience entertaining and engaging. In addition to the online courses, includes blog entries about technical topics for quick access to irrigation information.

Whether you grow corn, cotton or potatoes, it’s important to know what factors will affect your yields. It’s also vital to know which products are the best fit for your fields. The free courses on will give you the knowledge to start an informed conversation with your dealer.

Go to to create an account and start learning today.

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