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Ten Reasons You Need to Attend the Groundwater Foundation National Conference

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Written by Jennifer Wemhoff |

Groundwater Foundation ConferenceYou care about groundwater. We care about groundwater. Everyone at the 2015 National Conference cares about groundwater. You should be here with us at the conference Oct. 20-22 in Lincoln, Neb. 

Here's why:

10. The people. OK, so we may be biased, but the people at the conference are awesome. You'll learn from them, commiserate with them, and be recharged by their enthusiasm and commitment, all for the amazing resource of groundwater. 

9. Lincoln, Neb. If you've never been here, now is a great time for your first visit. Home to more than just the Cornhuskers, Lincoln boasts the State Capitol, great parks, museums, shopping, restaurants and more. The conference will be held at Embassy Suites, in the heart of a bustling downtown and just blocks away from the Historic Haymarket

8. Value. We know budgets are tight. That’s why the conference gives you so much bang for your buck! Enjoy four meals, all keynote addresses and breakout sessions, exhibits, networking, break service, and other goodies.

7. Real Solutions. Hear from others in the trenches and find out what worked, what didn’t, and what you can learn from their experiences. We’ve hand-picked speakers that will deliver the solutions you and your community are looking for.

6. Celebration. Who doesn’t like a birthday party? The Groundwater Foundation turns 30 and is having a bash to celebrate. The celebration dinner is included in your conference registration – come sip some groundwater-infused cocktails and dine on a grown-by-groundwater dinner. No clowns, we promise.

5. Free Workshops. There’s a workshop for everyone – classroom teachers, Scout leaders, nontraditional educators, community members. Held the afternoon prior to the conference kickoff, the workshops are free (everyone’s favorite cost) and will provide inspiring ideas for groundwater education and protection.

4. Cool Tours. You’ve already heard how cool Lincoln is. Find out more – pre and post-conference tours will get you up close and personal with some of the city’s water management efforts, urban revitalization and redevelopment. Plus you’ll get to see the remains of an ancient salt basin, or miles and miles of pristine tallgrass prairie.  

Mogens Bay

3. Networking. We know some of the best outcomes of a conference don’t always happen in the ballroom - they happen in the hallways. We’ve built plenty of networking time into the agenda for you to visit booths, talk to speakers and make connections with other attendees.

2. Expert Speakers. We have a rock star lineup of speakers this year. Headliners Mogens Bay, (Chairman and CEO of Valmont Industries, pictured) and Jay Famiglietti (UC-Irvine and NASA) bring their unique perspective, expertise and background to issues surrounding groundwater. Breakout session speakers will share real-world experience and solutions on topics from climate change to remediation.

1. YOU. It is because of people that groundwater must be protected, but it is only through the efforts of people that it can be accomplished. YOU are part of the solution. YOU are part of the future. It’s just the beginning, so let’s get started. Join us.

Reserve your spot - register now!

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