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Behind the Scenes with Darrel Adcock

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Darrel Adcock

Behind the Scenes at Valley® is a series showcasing the people behind the pivots. 

If you’ve bought a Valley® pivot recently, Darrel Adcock made sure it was done on time. As a lead in the machining department, his team manufactures steering shafts for gearboxes, bell housings for corner machines, hitch balls, roller guides and more.

Darrel makes sure the parts keep moving through the shop, that production stays on time, and that the right parts are produced at the right time. Basically, he keeps the ball rolling and he’s been at it for 30 years.

Darrell has been with Valley for 46 years. In the 1970s, he helped dealers by servicing and installing center pivots.

He spent three months in Saudi Arabia installing about 15 center pivots – the machines went up a little slower in the 70s than they do today!

“I am always very proud when I am driving down the highway and see a center pivot watering,” he says. “I always remind the grandkids that that is what we make at Valley. I know what it takes to put those machines up, and to see them running in the field is really neat!”

Outside of work, Darrel plays golf and collects coins.

“I’ve been collecting coins since I was a kid, although I can’t remember how I got started on this hobby!”

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