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Is Your Dealer the MVP of 2016?

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Dealer contest

When we get bad service, it’s easy to complain. You can write a letter (or email), post a negative review on Yelp, share your frustrations on the company’s Facebook page and Tweet out your disappointment. Most of us have done something like this when we’ve had a bad experience.

But how often do we take time to commend someone for the good work they’ve done? Maybe you’ve left an extra-large tip for excellent service at a restaurant, but how often have you written a positive Yelp review, praised a company on its Facebook page or Tweeted your delight with a grocery store clerk?

Why not spread some positive feedback today? Here’s an opportunity to give a shout out to your Valley dealer, or any of the agriculture dealers you work with.

Precision Farming Dealer is taking nominations for its 2016 Most Valuable Dealership program. The contest recognizes the North American dealership “demonstrating the best in sales, service and support of precision farming technology.”

According to the magazine, the Most Valuable Dealership will be recognized in a cover story in the Winter 2016 print edition and receive a commemorative plaque. The winner will also benefit from a special media campaign telling local customers and the community that they’re working with the finest precision farming dealer.  

The deadline is Friday, October 9, and nominations can be submitted through a simple form located here. Dealerships in the United States and Canada are eligible.

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