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Keeping Up with Valley Part IV: LinkedIn

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

I'm guessing you thought our “Keeping Up with Valley®” blog series was complete with Part III, but we’re never truly done providing you with new ways to keep up with Valley online! In our first installment of this series, we gave you the necessary tools to create a free Google Alert; in Part II, we walked you through how to set up an RSS feed to follow a blog (like this one...hint, hint); and Part III discussed how to get the most of out of our website In this fourth installment, we will give you the inside scoop on the NEW Valley LinkedIn page!

LinkedIn is a fast-growing, professional networking website, and has become a large force in the business world. We at Valley Irrigation recognize that, which is the key reason we launched a Valley LinkedIn page just a few short weeks ago.

Where to Find Valley on LinkedIn

There are a couple ways you can find the Valley LinkedIn page.

      1. Log in to LinkedIn and search for “Valley Irrigation” in the search bar.

LinkedIn Search

       2. Go directly to the page via this URL:

LinkedIn Page

What to Do When You Get There

Once you’ve landed on our LinkedIn page, be sure to follow us to receive our latest news and updates in your LinkedIn newsfeed! To do this, simply click the “Follow” button in the right-hand corner of the page. Though you don’t need to have a LinkedIn account to visit the page, you do need to have one in order to follow us.

LinkedIn Follow

Sharing is Caring

Be sure to like and share posts by Valley Irrigation on LinkedIn! This will not only tell us which posts you like, and thus which type of posts we should publish more often, it will turn you into a Valley brand advocate. By sharing our posts with other people in your network, you help us spread our mission and messages. 

You can also find Valley on these online channels, and we encourage you to follow them all!

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