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What do Growers Want?

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Written by Matt Ondrejko |

Over the last three months, I have been making my way across the United States to meet and speak with Valley® dealers and growers.  The purpose of my travels has been to make sure that Valley is listening to the market and to its customers – really listening.  

Discussing corner options

It is imperative that – as a marketing and engineering group – we continually ask questions and seek ways to make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient through our products. Product development cannot occur in a vacuum, it must be a collaborative effort, one that involves our customers.  

Technology is gaining increased focus in all industries, but it has grabbed the ag industry by the throat. There is a fevered race to provide products that capture and analyze data from the field, so quicker and better decisions can be made and costs controlled.  

Valley is running hard in this space. What used to be only a “steel structure” company, has transformed itself to focus just as much on technology and software. Valley’s long heritage of quality, reliability and durability in the field is reflected in the latest app for remote monitoring and control of irrigation equipment.  

By listening to the customer, we are developing products that make a difference and are easy to use. No company is perfect, but by understanding your customers’ needs, you become that much closer.

Sunbelt Field Day

 BaseStation3 installation in Washington

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