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Real Farmers-Real Experiences Field Day

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Written by Jill Zwiener |

Are you looking for a great field day to attend this summer? Then you’ve got to check out the free NEWBA (Nebraska Water Balance Alliance) Real Farmers – Real Experiences field day. It’s just around the corner on Aug. 3 and 4.

This field day will highlight the leading-edge irrigation management technologies on Roric Paulman’s working farm in Sutherland, Neb.

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Unlike trade shows where participants only see samples of what technology can produce, vendors will set up technology stations and give demonstrations producing actual real-time data on one of Roric’s fields. You’ll learn how real farmers are saving water for future generations. 

And if I haven’t already enticed you to attend, this may help! If you register by July 28, you’ll be guaranteed a free meal ticket to the Cream Can lunch! Never had a cream can lunch? Then you are missing out! And if you’re lucky, Roric may share the recipe!

Click here to register!

Below is more information and a full agenda.

When:  Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Where: Paulman Farms, Sutherland Neb.
What:  Leading edge irrigation management technologies on a working farm.  See the equipment and the data generated.  Hear how real farmers are saving water for future generations.
To register: This is a free event thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and NEWBA supporters.

9:30: Registration, Coffee and Rolls
10:00: Real Innovation – Roric Paulman - Leading edge technology in a precision ag operation
10:30: Real Water Challenges – Panel Discussion
11:00: Real Time Data – Visit technology stations with real-time displays of information from a variety of water management technologies. A real farmer who uses this technology will be available at each location to discuss and answer questions about experience with local weather and evapotranspiration measures, soil moisture content, variable rate irrigation, irrigation monitoring and control and agronomy services.
12:00: Real Food – Cream Can Feed
1:00: Real Experience – A panel of farmers shares their actual experience with different water management technologies. An unvarnished appraisal of what is working and what needs to be improved.
1:45: Real Time Data – Second opportunity to visit technology stations and talk with farmers using the technology (see 11:00 above)
2:45: Real Team Effort – Wrap up and thanks to participating sponsors
3:00: Thank you for coming!


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