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What It's Like to Work for Valmont Middle East

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Written by Adrian Cliffe |

Established in January 2001, Valmont® Middle East (VME) has grown into a leader in safety, quality, delivery and cost. VME has matured from a Valmont Industries Inc. toddler into one of the key manufacturing plants for the Global Irrigation Division.

Pilot production began in March 2002, providing customers with cheap shipping and excellent financial trade services. VME significantly expanded the scope of its capabilities through the years, primarily focusing on efficient customer services and lean manufacturing. Its work has fostered deep and healthy relationships with key customers and dealers, helping them grow.

Ever true to its humble origins, the staff at VME bases its reputation on passion, integrity, continuous improvement and delivering results. This year, 11 of our 80 dedicated employees are celebrating 10 years of service with the company. All of them believe that VME is a great company to work for and continually strive to meet the wants and needs of our customers.

We asked these dedicated employees for honest feedback on their experience with VME and gathered their answers into word clouds to share with you.

What makes Valmont so enjoyable to work for?

What It's Like to Work for Valmont Middle East


What’s the biggest change you've seen in VME since starting?

What It's Like to Work for Valmont Middle East

Tell me about the best events or moment you had as a Valmont employee.

What It's Like to Work for Valmont Middle East

Congratulations to our team of employees, who are listed below. We know they - and the entire VME team - will continuously strive to reach its goals by doing business the Valmont Way. With employees who are keen on the Valmont Core Values, we are excited to grow from a good company into a great company.

valmont middle east
From Left : Ricardo, Aslam, Khalid, Nestor, Prakash, Wenny, Reme, Cristy, Arnel

Chakkungal Prabhakaran Prakash
Finance Manager
Nestor Sorita Deloso
Production Supervisor
Ricardo Barroza Lizardo
Maintenance Incharge
Cristy Monteiro
Driver/Admin. Helper
Muhammad Aslam Konimmal
Hr Coordination
Wenny Cantoria Bartolay
Inventory Control Aministrator
Maemoun Sabet Alani
Mirza Khalid
Service And Installation Supervisor
Tom D'cruz Norban D'cruz
Service Technician
Remegious Praveen Pinto
Warehouse Keeper
Arnel Marcelo Gutierrez
Senior Welder



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