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Getting to Know the New Valley Mobile Website

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Valley mobile website

These days, the Valley® brand is more than ever incorporating technology into its core. Of course, it’s not going to forget its roots in steel and gearboxes, but evolving is part of the game. Part of this evolution resides with how we market the Valley brand.

We’d all have to be living under a box to not notice how much time people spend on their mobile phones. I was walking through a baby store recently, and a woman was pushing a stroller, holding a toddler’s hand, AND updating her Facebook status. I’m still trying to figure out how she was doing all of this with just two hands, but the point is she was on her phone while trying to parent her kids. People are on their phones ALL. THE. TIME. (Even if we don’t necessarily agree with the timing.) So, why shouldn’t brands and companies take advantage of this?

We first launched the Valley mobile website a few years ago when we started to notice people using their phones for more than just calling other people. Since then, online search via mobile phone and tablet has literally skyrocketed, and so we thought it was time to update our mobile site to provide people with what they want, regardless of their computer preference. Thus, we recently launched the new, improved Valley mobile website.

You will find the exact same information and content on the mobile site as you do on the desktop site. Looking for a video? We’ve got videos! Looking for a brochure? We’ve got brochures! Looking for information on why you should buy Valley over the other guys? We’ve got that, too! You can find everything you might need at the tip of your fingers.

Have I intrigued you? I hope so! Before you do anything else, visit the new Valley mobile website from your mobile phone or tablet at or

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