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Why Work for Valley?

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Written by Lisa Dvorak |

I started my career after college in the Valmont® Structures division marketing department, knowing this was just a “starter job” at a manufacturing plant in the middle of nowhere. I just needed to get a few years under my belt to unlock more opportunities elsewhere and move up the ladder. Besides, how much fun could it be to do marketing for lighting and traffic poles? Well, as it turned out, a lot of fun.

I had a great boss and mentor who helped guide my career into what I wanted it to be, and I gained experience, knowledge and friends.
After six years of marketing, my job changed to include more sales activities. As I learned how the sales process worked in Structures, I was able to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and improve our marketing efforts. After a few years, I knew I was ready for more, although I wasn’t sure what “more” was.

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I knew the Valley® marketing team from company-wide projects and bouncing ideas back and forth. It was a team I wanted to be a part of, so when the opportunity came up to join the group, I leaped at the chance. A chance to get back to doing what I loved – marketing communications.

I’ve been at Valmont long enough to know that Valley makes the highest quality pivots. I’m also a city girl who married a country boy. My country boy worked for the local Valley dealer our first eight years of marriage, so my loyalty to Valley comes not only through my job at Valmont, but because it’s the only way to be. Blue is best. I learned a great deal from my husband about pivots and the ag world, which really helped me when I started this job.

There are so many great aspects of this new job: working with our dealers on their efforts to grow their business, the uncomplicated sales structure allowing me to have some contact with growers, and especially being a part of the passion that the Valley team has for the products we produce.

Yes, I’m drinking the blue Kool-Aid®, but only because it’s the best there is.

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