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That Yellow Stuff Works

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Written by Julie Bushell |

I can’t believe well over a year has passed since I first wrote about Proof Positive® span cable on Growing the Conversation! My blog post introduced a new theft-deterrent, bright yellow span cable with TraceID codes to dealers and growers. Bringing a new product to market always has its challenges, but with the support of Valley® Irrigation, we have kicked copper theft’s butt!

The first question I get when initially discussing Proof Positive span cable with a customer is always “well, does it work?”

To be honest, I always feel pressured to answer this question with “Yes! We arrested 100 thieves yesterday!” or provide a cops-and-robbers, Wild West story that ultimately leads to a prosecution.

Span Cable

The truth is I can’t provide these exciting stories because we haven’t had a report of attempted theft of Proof Positive since its inception!

Just this month, I received a call reporting span cable theft on several pivots. As the dealer spoke, I held my breath in excitement as I knew Proof Positive was on several pivots in the area.

“Three pivots were hit last night, I’m going to need some span cable,” he said. 

“Was it standard, black cable?” I ask.

“Yes! All three pivots hit had standard span cable on it and the one pivot with Proof Positive was untouched! We are replacing everything with Proof Positive cable. That yellow stuff works!”

That yellow stuff does work! I realize now that there is no better testimonial for Proof Positive than this. The yellow jacket is a great deterrent, the End Copper Theft™ campaign has made its mark and the marketing has paid off. Thieves know not to touch “the yellow stuff.”

This would not have been possible without the commitment of Southwire Company® - the manufacturer of Proof Positive, metal recyclers and law enforcement. I would also like to give a special thanks to Valley Irrigation and Valley dealers Stoltenberg Irrigation, Full Circle Irrigation and Central Valley Irrigation. The success of the product has been driven by dealers who were unwavering in their quest to find an answer to end copper theft and protect their customers.

I would also like to thank the American Farmer TV series on RFD-TV for doing its part to end copper theft and selecting Paige Electric and Valmont Irrigation to showcase on its program.

If you missed our recent television debut, don’t worry! You can catch us again on April 14 at 8:30 a.m. EST on RFD-TV.

filming american farmer
Filming American Farmer at thePaige warehouse in Columbus.
From left,Ron Bass from the film crew for American Farmer, Matt Ondrejko from Valley Irrigation,
Julie Bushell from Paige Electric and Nick Kielhold from the film crew for American Farmer.


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