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Behind the Scenes with Mike Husen

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Behind the Scenes at Valley® is a series showcasing the people behind the pivots. 

Mike Husen graduated from Milford Technical College in Milford, NE, and went to work for Honeywell in Minneapolis. He was given the heads up about a layoff, so he took a chance and returned to Nebraska. An employment agency steered Mike to Valmont for an interview and he was offered a job. He relocated to Fremont and the rest is history. 

Mike Husen

Mike has been with Valmont® since 1969!

Mike is a load manager and parts tech advisor for the customer service department working with quality assurance. His job is to chase down missing parts and to help support the aftermarket parts team with technical challenges. 

Mike spent his first 19 years in engineering where he managed a team of nine and ran the print room. He has also worked in the water application group, order management and aftermarket parts. 

Why has Mike stayed at Valmont for 45 years? It’s a combination of passion for his job, work ethic and pride. 

“Bob Daugherty took a chance on me and I am constantly trying to repay him every day,” Mike said.

He also loves the people at Valmont and has made many friends and connections over the years, including a lot of great Valley dealers.

Mike husen

This year will bring big changes to Mike’s life and to Valmont, as Mike makes plans to retire. What will he do next? Live life! 

“Home is my hobby. I do a lot of work on my house,” he said. “Grandkids are important. I like to be outside, and I have a farm to take care of.”

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