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Try Our New BaseStation3 Mobile App Demo

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Written by John Campbell |

"See?" Try to count how many times you say that in one day and you'll probably lose track before dinner. Our lives revolve around what we can see. So even though I have been telling everyone how great the mobile app for Valley® BaseStation3™ is, you really need to see it to believe it.  


Now that’s possible even if you don't own BaseStation3 yet. We added a "Demo" mode that enables anyone to experience the bright, clean layout, the intuitive design and the powerful control our app offers. 

Search the correct App store for phone apps (or use these links: iOS or Android) for "Basestation3", download the App and at the bottom of the main screen you'll see the "Demo" button. Selecting that will take you into an interactive simulation of a BaseStation3-connected farm with several pieces of equipment; two Pro2 panels, one Select2 panel and one AuxLink. 

With the Demo, you can see the pivot move at an accelerated rate, execute commands, change end gun angles, and try out the Step Program Editor and the Notes feature. 

And, even though the App is for phone devices, it was carefully designed so it looks great on a tablet also.

Try the app out and see what all the fuss is about. Then give your Valley dealer a call so he can request a quote to install BaseStation3 at your farm.

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