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Waging War on Waste to Serve our Customers Better

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Written by Adrian Cliffe |

Valmont® Middle East has been celebrating recently and with good reason. The VME manufacturing plant was awarded the Silver Level of Operational Lean Excellence.

Lean is a method of minimizing waste in manufacturing, while maximizing value for customers. Operational excellence is a philosophy of problem-solving, teamwork and leadership that results in the ongoing improvement of an organization. The continuous dedication to improvement that is at the foundation of Operational Lean Excellence is a core value here at Valley®Irrigation.

valmont middle east celebration

The silver award in lean recognizes achievement in many areas, including leadership, empowerment, vision, innovation, customer service, best practices and commitment to quality.

The Valmont lean leadership team presented VME with the award and these words, “The work that each of you and your teams have put into learning about lean and implementing best practice achievements to improve your business and eliminate waste is truly exemplary across the entire Valmont family. You should all feel extremely proud and rewarded for this dedication!

“Don’t be surprised to find others from around the company showing up at your door to take it all in. There is much to see and share! Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work.”

We are proud of this achievement – as it stands we are the only Valmont manufacturing plant to earn this recognition. And, after celebrating, we look forward to building on our success and working toward the next level.


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