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'Rally Valley' Explores Rural Brazil

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Valley® Irrigation Brazil embarked on a 9,000-kilometer journey last year celebrating the 60 years Valley has been the global leader in mechanized irrigation.

rally valley

"Rally Valley" was a bold, innovative and adventurous project that set out to discover passion for the Valley brand among farmers, their families and communities.

It was a expedition that blazed the back roads of Brazil, recording the beauty that lives there.

It was a journey visiting rural farmers who use Valley irrigation equipment, encouraging them to share their stories, roots, experiences, local crops and harvests.

The project created five videos that combine rich imagery and remarkable testimonials from farmers about how using mechanized irrigation changed the face of their production operation.

The video chapters were broadcast on television, the Internet and social media, and shared at events, trade shows and others places.


Yes, the videos are in Portuguese, but they offer an intriguing glimpse of agriculture in another country and the role irrigation plays worldwide. Plus, the imagery is stunning. Kudos to the team in Brazil for trying something different!

Check out one of the episodes below or all the episodes on the Valley Brazil YouTube page. Then tell me you don’t want to head to Brazil for your next vacation or your next career.

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