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The Voices of Women in Agriculture

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

I am extremely proud to be a woman involved in agriculture. I am even prouder to have a voice in agriculture. Not many people know this (or, maybe many do and I’ve just been living under a rock), but I am the person behind the scenes of the Valley Website and social media channels. I help create, curate, and publish messages that I think others want to hear; people who are not only interested in the Valley® brand, but also agriculture in general.

The invention of social media and commercially available Website development has allowed others like me to bring their own voices to the ag conversation. Over the years, I’ve started to follow some of these voices, and I’d like to introduce you to some that you will hopefully bring into your own circles.

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie

Carrie Mess
© Carrie Mess

Carrie Mess, also known as “Dairy Carrie” on social media, has brought intrigue to the dairy world through her blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. Though her focus is dairy, she writes about anything from human interest stories to anything cool in ag that she feels like sharing with her followers.

Takeaway: Carrie’s blog includes a great ongoing segment called “Humans of Agriculture” that tells the story of everyday people involved in ag. Get your tissues ready – some are real tear-jerkers!

@DairyCarrie |


Pink Tractor

Pink Tractor
© Pink Tractor

Pink Tractor is an online presence that just I found recently, but it really speaks to the ag girl in me! It aims to give women in ag a voice and reminds its followers that women are smart, strong farmers. Its Website,, has a lot to offer: information on ag markets and farm safety, tidbits for the family, and even used equipment listings!

Takeaway: Pink Tractor regularly publishes articles about women in ag that tell their stories. If you know anyone who should be featured in one of these articles, email Pink Tractor at

@PinkTractorTW | |

International Women's Day

International Women's Day
© International Women's Day

Each year on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Though this day of recognition isn’t limited to celebrating women in agriculture, it focuses on achievements of women throughout history and throughout the world, including those who are part of the ag industry! This past International Women’s Day, several blog posts were posted about women in ag, including the following that I urge you all to check out:

Takeaway: This is an annual event , so you have multiple opportunities to celebrate it!

@womensday | |


I am proud to be a woman involved in agriculture, and I have a voice. Let’s continue to nurture the voices of women in agriculture around the world.

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