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Finding Food Solutions for Expanding Population

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Sometimes we get so caught up in building center pivots and talking about irrigation that we lose sight of the bigger picture: the role farming plays in feeding the world.

The issue of food scarcity will come into sharp focus at an upcoming event. The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) Food Security Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia, will unite government officials, United Nations agencies, ag businesses and other entities in an examination of an imminent food security crisis.

The AIDF says the two-day summit will provoke robust debate and frank information sharing that will to lead to innovative ways to tackle food insecurity in Asia and the Pacific.


Rising demand, scarce resources and increased volatility are putting new pressures on sustainable and self-sufficient food production, according to the AIDF. More than 700 million people in Asia and the Pacific live in abject poverty (defined as living on less than $1.25 each day). Something needs to be done. Soon.

Valley will participate in two panel discussions:

“Innovations and Trends for Increasing Agricultural Productivity and their Practical Application” will examine new technologies for overcoming the challenges of producing more food, conserving more resources and addressing the needs of farmer livelihood.

“Sustainable Agriculture in Asia-Pacific: Trends, Challenges and Innovations” will focus on the expanding world population and increasing concerns about resource scarcity, land availability and biodiversity conservation. The panelists will discuss the need for change and solutions for sustainable agricultural production.

It’s essential that – despite the chaos within our own lives – we remember those less fortunate and consider how we can make the world a better place. I’m proud that Valley recognizes its role as not only a leader in irrigation, but a leader in solving global issues.

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