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Introducing Root Demand Irrigation™

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Written by Valley Irrigation |
Valmont® Irrigation has launched a new brand – Root Demand Irrigation™. RDI™ is a sister company to Valley® Irrigation, so I want to introduce you to this innovative, subsurface irrigation solution.


RDI is based on the natural process of plant growth. Water is released by the plant roots via the proprietary RDI.

“How does that work,” you ask? Plant roots continuously secrete chemicals – called exudates – that serve various functions. When a plant needs water, it discharges exudates. The exudates change the surface tension on the RDI tube and that releases water to the plant’s roots.

Essentially: the plant signals when it needs water and the RDI tube responds to that signal.

This plant-driven irrigation solution will allow growers to maximize production on all their acres, especially corners and hard-to-reach areas, making it the perfect complement to center pivot irrigation.

Intrigued? I invite you to visit and its blog, “Get to the Root,” to learn more.

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