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Goodbye Blogs Are the Hardest to Write

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Written by Brooke Stover |
After a little more than three years, I’ve made the very difficult decision to leave Valley® Irrigation for another job in Omaha. I am looking forward to the challenge, but looking back at all the great times I’ve had with this outstanding company; helping set up at Husker Harvest days, visiting the South for the first time for Sunbelt, and attending dealer meetings, which allowed me to meet those who are our boots on the ground.

I am a confident, capable young professional in great part because of the opportunities I was given and the experiences I had while here. Valley Irrigation has a strong management team that led this company to success and will continue to do so in the future.

Even though I am a short-timer, I have some things I want to say to the person who comes after me:

1. You must be kind to the people I have grown to care about and worked alongside the past three years: You are very lucky to be completely surrounded by awesome people both inside and outside building 516 in Valley. Know that the marketing team is “where it’s at!” I am biased – there are other great departments too…

2. You can’t take yourself too seriously (at least not all the time): You will wear some pretty rad safety glasses, a bright blue vest, and tennis shoes with a dress (I guess the dress is up in the air – some people don’t wear them) at some point in this position… Enjoy it – seeing the manufacturing environment and meeting the hard-working individuals behind the products gives a greater meaning to what you do.

3. Please scare Brian “Rocky” Roschewski for me. (I unfortunately did not leave work instructions for this one, but it’s incredibly easy.) Just be careful… he has a tendency to get you back.

4. I’m sorry that you will never get to be cube-buddies with Ben…that guy!

5. The trick to navigating your first trade show is to keep one of the product managers in sight at all times – they always know the answers to everything.

6. Here is a tip: If you’re having a rough day, take a laugh break. (Amazon reviews can be quite entertaining – I highly recommend the sugar-free gummy bears review and the 85-inch TV review). If you find something really good, then send it to the team – everyone can use a laugh now and then.

In all seriousness, it is incredibly bittersweet to leave Valley. There are many people to thank for the knowledge I gained. Matt, Michelle, Jill, Shannon, Kelly, and Cindy are a part of the greatest team I have ever worked on.

It is very difficult to say goodbye to the people who have been a part of my story. Those that occupied the cubes around me the past three years played a major role in some of my favorite memories… after all, laughing at Amazon reviews is more fun when you laugh with those around you.

I wish only the best for everyone at Valley and continued success for the company that I will always be a cheerleader for!

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