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Valley Values – Advanced

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Written by Matt Ondrejko |
Valley Values – Advanced

Advanced Technology is all the rage these days and is a key buzzword in every company’s marketing arsenal. To be honest, we often use it here at Valley® as well. In fact, Advanced is one of our five Valley Values – along with Reliable, Durable, Precise and Responsive. But, I think it is important to take a step back and really discuss what Advanced Technology means to growers.

At Valley, we approach technology as a means to make the user or the product more efficient, durable, or productive, not just in terms of megabytes and apps, but on the steel and rubber as well.

Valley Values – Advanced

Advanced Technology is something every engineer and product manager incorporates into the new designs and ideas we test and develop. We look for the latest and greatest ways to make and coat steel, reduce flat tires, and remotely communicate with the pivot. This technology is meant to bring a better quality of life to our customers by reducing downtime and maximizing up time, so more personal time can be spent doing the things they really want to do.

Often technology is pushed on the consumer as a must have or a way to make things easier, with the company offering it not really understanding how the product will be used.

At Valley, we work hand in hand with our growers and dealers testing and evaluating what they like and what really makes them more efficient. We deliver technology, but on their terms, aimed at their needs and desires.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. At Valley, we are leading the way, advancing the pivot and the way the world irrigates.

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