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New options for the Valley VFlex Corner

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Written by John Kastl |
This spring, we introduced a number of new options for the Valley® VFlex™ Corner – including electronic sequencing, a 305-foot corner arm, and an inverted corner – for even more flexibility in designing a machine that meets the specific needs of your field. Let’s take a look at each of these new options to see how they make the VFlex even better. 

New options for the Valley VFlex Corner

VFlex electronic sequencing is a computer-controlled module with an advanced, yet easy-to-use display that makes it simple to monitor, control, and even customize the sprinkler sequencing of your corner. This option uses the same area-based sequencing logic as the industry-leading Valley Precision Corner®, which provides excellent water uniformity. And, if you apply crop production chemicals through your machine, the built-in, user-selectable Chemigate mode automatically varies your machine’s speed for uniform chemical application with a simple, fixed-rate injection pump.

Electronic sequencing also comes with two powerful features for customizing water application under the corner. The first is an angle-based override. This feature allows you to specify which banks of sprinklers are on or off based on the angle of the corner relative to the pivot. This is handy if you have an area in all four corners of the field where you’d like to keep a few extra sprinklers running. The second feature is a built-in positon override table. This feature allows you to specify which banks of sprinklers are on or off by the position of the machine in the field. This can be helpful if there is a small area in the field that needs a little extra water or if you have an unusual field boundary and need more water there. Bear in mind that GPS Guidance is required in order to use position-based overrides.

The computing power behind electronic sequencing also allows us to control more sprinkler banks and in turn allows us to offer an even longer corner: the 205/100 VFlex, with the industry-leading water uniformity you’ve come to expect from Valley. This new 305-foot option is a great choice for rectangular fields where the corner arm is fully extended for a significant period of time.

Combining electronic sequencing with the swiveling inlet makes it possible to run an inverted corner, which means your corner moves through the field ahead of the base pivot when the machine is running forward (clockwise). Inverted orientation can be helpful in maximizing irrigated acres on part-circle pivots.

Here at Valley, we’re always working to help you increase your irrigated acres with options that meet your specific needs. Stay tuned for the next improvements to our corners!

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