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You're Invited to Our Field Days

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Written by Michelle Stolte |

Field Days

Which was the last organization that hosted a center pivot irrigation field day? Maybe a university? Or an extension office? Maybe no one in your area?

We are guessing that a lot of you may selected the “no one” answer, which is one of the reasons why, in 2013, we created our first field day, which was held at a grower’s farm near Valley, NE.

Another reason we created the field days was that we were seeing (and continue to see) an increased number of visitors, especially those from foreign countries, coming to our facilities for a tour. Those visitors also were asking to speak with local farmers while they were here – thus the birth of the Valley Irrigation field day.

Our field days this year are being held in two locations – Valley, NE, and right outside of Fargo, ND.

The Valley field day is being held August 26 here at our own, brand new, Welcome & Training Center (I’m a little biased, but the center is pretty awesome!). This event will incorporate a factory tour and a grower panel where the visitors will be able to ask local growers questions about their production.

Field Day

Our second field day will be held September 11 near Fargo. Unfortunately, the drive would be rather long to work a factory tour into this one. Instead, we are going to a grower’s farm, visiting one of his many Valley pivots, and hosting a grower panel there as well.

Are you thinking you may already have something on your calendar for those dates? Your're right! August 26 is the first day of the Farm Progress Show, so visitors can easily attend our field day and then make the short drive to Boone, IA, to attend Farm Progress. September 11 is the last day of the Big Iron Trade Show in Fargo, so visitors can attend Big Iron and then come to the Valley field day.

So, are you intrigued? Want to find out more? Check out our registration website to see a more detailed agenda. If you are so inclined, feel free to sign up to join us on August 26 or September 11!

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