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25 Years of the Glorious World Wide Web

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Order a cake, grab your candles, and pick up a gift at the mall – it’s time to celebrate the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web!


Maybe I’m the only one who’s excited about this milestone, but it’s a pretty great achievement in technology, especially since so many didn’t believe it would survive. To commemorate this silver anniversary, I have created a list of five things that would be different today had the Web either not been born or had not survived.

1. People would still be forced to communicate in person. All. The. Time. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…Email…would not be possible without the assistance of the web. Where would we put our photographs? Oh, yeah, in a photo album. How would we share our crazy cat stories? I guess over the phone, in a handwritten letter, or (gulp) face to face.
2. Cursive would still be taught in grade school.I don’t have kids yet, but there are rumors floating around that teaching cursive in school has died, and it makes me sad because it was a huge challenge to overcome! Those handwritten letters about the cats? They would need some really great penmanship to adequately tell those stories.

3. Emoticons would not be available to help you show other people how you’re feeling. Nonexistent would be the days where someone could rely on a nice smilie face attached to an email or instant message to help show the person on the other end that they weren’t mad about shredding that all important document; an actual facial smile would have to be shown to save that shredder from having a panic attack!

4. A phone would just be a phone. Not a place to send people messages via text, not a place to play Minecraft at 2 a.m. and definitely not a place to Pin, Share, Like, Follow, and all those good things. Yes, my friends – a phone would just be something through which one person talks to the other…with their voices.

5. A “gamer” would have a whole different meaning. Checkers, anyone? How about a rousing game of croquet?

The question then becomes: are we lucky to not have to worry about these five things, or worse off? That’s up to you to decide.

But, we are lucky to be living in a time when anyone can literally talk with someone else who is thousands of miles away! We are fortunate to have the ability to send a picture of our loved ones to other loved ones within seconds and with one click or touch of a button! And it is remarkable to possess the technology to be able to perform life-saving surgeries while not having to be in the same room, or country, as the patient. These are reasons to celebrate.

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