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Smart Irrigation Month Helps Growers Maximize Water-Use Efficiency

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Written by Kelly Downing |

July 10, 2014,  by Kelly Downing

Valley® is joining the celebration of Smart Irrigation Month by helping growers maximize water-use efficiency. 

July Smart Irrigation MonthSmart Irrigation Month is a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use and highlights effective practices and innovative technologies to: 

  • Increase crop yield per acre. 
  • Apply water and nutrient inputs more precisely for improved results with no waste. 
  • Minimize runoff and top soil erosion. 
  • Help protect and preserve water supplies for today and the future. 

Center pivot and linear irrigation machines deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time. Efficient irrigation: 

  • Precisely applies water and nutrients to minimize evaporation, runoff and waste. 
  • Generates more crop per drop. 
  • Adjust watering automatically to account for rain and other conditions. 
  • Minimizes overwatering 

Join the cause and help protect our global water resources. Every drop counts! Learn more

Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. 

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