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At the Mercy of the Weather

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Farming and the weather. It’s a never-ending confrontation, and 2014 is offering up some epic battles.
Growers in Texas, California, and other western states face severe drought conditions that show no sign of letting up. Severe heat aggravates the situation and poses the additional threat of wildfires.

Twin tornadoes hit Pilger, NE, and the surrounding area June 16.

 Meanwhile, the Midwest is being torn apart by damaging storms and tornadoes. Valley dealers in Nebraska are dealing with multiple overturned or damaged pivots.

Many growers are scrambling to get their pivots repaired in time for peak irrigation season. Others are evaluating their devastated fields and determining whether to replant.

At either extreme – drought or damage – words of comfort are of little value. Action and solutions are needed.

However; at times like these, it is reassuring to know that your Valley dealer is on hand to support you. Service teams are out in the fields repairing and replacing damaged pivots. They are doing everything possible to get farms back up and running. In fact, I recently called a Nebraska dealer with a question. He asked to email him the question because, “we have a lot of pivots down in the area and I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything else right now.” That’s commitment.

Meanwhile, those battling drought can mitigate the effects by turning to more efficient irrigation equipment, such as center pivots. And, growers can get financial support from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and information and assistance from the USDA.

Let us help you – no matter what you need. We’re here for you.

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