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The Bitter-Sweet of Farming in South Africa

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The Bitter-Sweet of Farming in South AfricaFarmers from around the globe will agree that farming is hard work and takes a lot of responsibility. It is certainly not an easy money-making venture either. 

Farmers today are businessmen and women and even entrepreneurs in their own right. They need to understand agriculture economics and farm politics as well as the art, science, and technicalities behind the operations on a farm.

Farming in South Africa can be extremely dangerous. Farm attacks in South Africa have reached its highest level in eight years. It is often said that being a farmer in South Africa is much more dangerous than being a police officer. <

The Bitter-Sweet of Farming in South Africa Although current technology allows farmers to spend fewer hours working in the fields, life for many farmers can still be difficult. They need to overcome climatic, environmental, economic, and political factors to secure their livelihood. Abrupt seasonal weather changes, such as floods, early frost, and drought, cause problems for farmers including loss of stock and crops.

Food and agriculture is at the heart of our civilizations. As the population increases, so does the need for food and other agricultural products. Maize is South Africa’s most important crop. It is a dietary staple and source of livestock feed. 

South African farmers realize that the food security of millions of people rest on their shoulders. For this reason, they face the everyday dangers and hardships associated with farming. After all, farmers farm for the love of farming.

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