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A Winning Formula from Valley Water Management

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Written by Tyler Fields |

With inflation on the rise and increased power costs, efficiency in pumping applications has reached critical mass. When it comes to the engineering and design of pump stations, Valley® Water Management has produced a winning formula. Our mission is not only to serve our dealers and customers, but also to always seek and implement the most efficient pumping solutions possible. 

It’s not uncommon for us to completely redesign a project just for cost comparison with an end game of keeping that dollar in your pocket. How does that work? We can save hundreds of horsepower through the use of booster stations, if applicable, which could save thousands of dollars per year. 
Valley Water Management

Another huge money saver is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFDs are used in aiding the startup of large pumps, which can eliminate demand charges (based on your local power company). The use of VFDs greatly increases the life of your pump motor through a patented “slow start,” as well as byu maintaining pressure instead of wasting it.

Another great tool is Pump Connect™, a product that provides a secure back-up plan when you’re not around. It simply mounts on your center pivot/linear and connects to your pump, enabling it to shut down your pump if the pivot safeties out or is shut off remotely. This one tool saves power, water, and prevents your field from flooding.

VWM is here to help you in your custom applications. Contact your local Valley dealer and get your farm in on a winning formula today! 

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