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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Written by Cristina Morozov |

The 21st Century is imposing a lot of pressure on the planet and its people. The ever-increasing urbanization trend requires efficient methods of managing energy and water, and requires more powerful pollution management.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
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We, at Valley® Irrigation, believe in waste-free production processes and effective pollution management. Together with the rest of the world, we will celebrate the Earth Day on April 22. 

Here are some ways that you can contribute and celebrate as well: 

      • Ride your bike, take a bus, or carpool to work.
      • Enjoy lunch or afternoon walks in a nearby park with your family, friends, and pets.
      • Plant flowers or trees in your backyard.
      • Grow your own plants and produce. You may not harvest a lot of produce, but you will enjoy the process, plus gardening is an extraordinary hobby. 
      • Volunteer at a local organization that keeps your community greener and healthier.
      • Recycle, recycle, and recycle! Recycle bottles, cans, paper, and more in your office and home. 
      • Dispose of recyclable items in your home and office cleanly. Reach out to local recycling organizations for more information.
      • Print less! Switch to electronic documents. Initiate an e-documents movement in your office.
      • Celebrate Earth Day every day! Turn these habits into your lifestyle and lead by example.

Let’s save the planet for our future generations. Have a happy Earth Day!

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