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Valley Values - Precision

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Written by Matt Ondrejko |

The Valley® brand tag line is “The Leader in Precision Irrigation.” 

Valley Values - Precision

Valley VRI Zone Control can divide a field into more than 5,000 management zones

This statement was not arbitrarily chosen or one that simply sounded good to us. On the contrary, it encompasses the approach we take on every product we build, every solution we engineer, and every application we develop for our customers.  

We – here at Valley – pride ourselves on the reliability and durability we build into every product that we engineer and manufacture, and that is a direct function of the strict quality standards we hold ourselves to. The precision in our manufacturing processes result in products that are efficiently and correctly built time and time again, assuring our customers of the Valley quality they have come to expect over the last 60 years.  

Our engineered solutions, such as Variable Rate Irrigation, water application, and BaseStation3™, provide our growers with precise water application and remote management when and where they need it.  

Precision is ingrained in our way of life at Valley. 

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