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Written by Michelle Stolte |

The world is a big place, and yet there are so many similarities through all our countries that sometimes it takes me by surprise. 

New Global Blog Posts
Starting this spring, we will be including blog posts from our co-workers around the world, who have graciously agreed to submit updates to us for our blog. They will enlighten us all about the vast differences as well as the similarities between agriculture and irrigation in their markets versus ours here in the USA.  

Our colleagues will talk about the happenings in their markets - this may be an agricultural field day or trade show, a new project we just installed, struggles of the local growers, or information about the market in general. I think you will find these posts interesting, maybe eye-opening, and potentially not that different from what you experience in your own backyard. 

Please help welcome our new global bloggers to the Growing the Conversation blog!

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