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Commitment to Excellence – Certified Irrigation Designer

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Written by Jerry Gerdes |

Well, the winter season is almost over. Valley® sales people have been busy this winter attending trade shows and meeting growers from all across the country. It always impresses me to see large numbers of farmers at trade shows and seminars eager to learn about new products and new technologies that can improve their farming operations.

Commitment to Excellence – Certified Irrigation Designer
Valley Service School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Valley dealer personnel have also been attending many Valley-sponsored events; sales meetings, design schools, and service schools, this winter to get the latest information on Valley products and how to apply those products to meet their customer’s needs.

Over the past several years, a number of Valley dealer salespeople have earned the status of Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) through the Irrigation Association’s Certification Program. This certification is earned by passing a series of three exams that cover design topics such as pumps, pipelines, crop water use, and sprinklers.

Becoming certified is a commitment to improving one’s knowledge of irrigation topics and the ability to provide the best service possible when designing a center pivot or linear machine for customers. 

Commitment to Excellence – Certified Irrigation Designer
World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA

All Valley dealers that have reached the status of Performance Premier Dealer have at least one salesperson on staff who has earned CID status.

In January 2014, I began serving on the Irrigation Association Certification Board. I look forward to the challenge of continuing the excellence of the certification programs. I am certified as a CID and I encourage anyone within the Irrigation industry that is not certified to give it a look.

Click here for more information about the certification process.

Becoming certified is a great accomplishment and a great way to show your commitment to the irrigation industry.

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