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Written by Valley Irrigation |

One thing that amazes and inspires me is seeing Valley® center pivots in the field that have been operating for 30+ years. Around the world, it is not uncommon to meet a grower who is proud to tell you his first pivot was a Valley and it is still running today. Heck, here in Nebraska, you can still see original Valley water-drive units in operation.  

The Durability of a Valley pivot is known throughout the world. That Durability is a key reason why the majority of irrigators continue to buy and recommend Valley machines to their friends and neighbors. Our customers work hard and expect their equipment to do the same thing. Valley delivers on that expectation.

Here at Valley, we have made changes to bring technology and product enhancements to the market to meet the changing needs of our customers. However, one thing we build into any change or upgrade is the promise of Durability that made the Valley name what it is today. The Valley brand is built on our performance through the years. Future success requires us to uphold and strengthen the key traits anchoring that performance.

Lasting brands stand the test of time and persevere through all the elements they are exposed to. Through blazing heat and windy winters, Valley pivots stand tall and are built to last. That’s the Durability promise that you can count on.

Jump into Social Media and Connect With Your Favorite Brands

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