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One Trade Show, 27 Buildings Full of Booths

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Written by Michelle Stolte |

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Agritechnica Show in Hannover, Germany. While I have been to my fair share of trade shows, this was unlike any other show I have been to just in terms of its sheer magnitude. My first reaction was “Holy cow, this show is huge!” It boasted 27 buildings chock full of exhibitors – 27! It is estimated that this show brought in nearly 450,000 visitors from 88 countries over the seven days it was open. 

Agritechnica show

This was the first year Valley had its own booth, which represented our company very well. We focused our attention on a demonstration of BaseStation3, our state-of-the-art remote management product that will be release in early 2014, and Valley Ag Solutions. Valley Ag Solutions helps growers from start to finish by not only providing irrigation equipment, but also delivering services from feasibility studies and crop consulting to engineered pump solutions and farm management software.

Interest in Valley and in irrigation in general was great, and we considered the show a great success. We met with many existing customers, as well as those new to irrigation. We also were able to see old friends from years past, which is always a nice bonus to attending trade shows.

If you have never attended Agritechnica and find yourself in Germany on November 10-14, 2015, find your way to the show. You will be amazed by the size and the number of exhibitors. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, I am not sure where you will be able to find it! If you have been to the show, or work the show every two years, I am sure you already know a really good foot masseuse! 

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