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Some Dealerships Talk About Service, Valley Dealers Live It

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Our Valley® dealers are legendary for their service. Often, growers and dealers work together so closely and so well that they become friends, rather than just business associates.

Grower Alex Hawman of Hermiston, OR, recently told a member of the Valley Irrigation marketing team that his dealer is amazing.

Props to your valley dealer

“They always answer their phones,” Hawman said. “{And they are] always there. If we have questions, they always come up with an answer. And they’re very easy to work with. Like a friend. They are friends.”

Those kind of testimonials led us to create the “Props to Your Dealer” contest. Although the contest is winding down, there is still time for you to tell us about your Valley dealer.

Check out some of the props we received so far:

My dealer “is the best Valley dealer in South Dakota!!!!!!! Due to his service and on time work."

"I remember chatting last year with [several dealers] and they were such interesting, passionate professionals. I also recall the genuine rapport and respect that [Valley] customers had for their dealers."

Find out which dealers these customers are bragging about and read more #ValleyProps in the Props Gallery

Then tell us who your Valley dealer is and why he is the best. 

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