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Valley Values – Reliability

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Written by Matt Ondrejko |

Reliability is a term/feature that gets thrown around a lot by companies nowadays when they talk about how much better their products are than other brands. In fact, it has become a word that many consumers have grown weary of. However, there are people in certain industries and lines of work that require Reliability as assurance that they are getting the best proven product and that they have one less thing to worry about on the job.

In my seven months here at Valley®, I have heard the word Reliability come out of the mouth of every grower and dealer I have met when they tell me why they chose a Valley product for their operation.  

Reliability is not a label that can just be slapped on a product, it has to be earned. Reliability is something gained by days and years in the field, performing at the same high level every time. Reliability is something that maximizes your up-time and provides that sense of security that you don’t need to worry if it will work when you press the ON button. Reliability is something that the people of Valley take very seriously, because our growers and dealers do. It is our reputation and our legacy that drives the reliability we have all come to expect from a Valley product.

Valley Reliability is not something I have created, or that the current staff here has created, but we continue to deliver it with every new product we bring to market. The Reliability expectation we have achieved has been developed and delivered on with every passing year. Reliability is a value we will continue to deliver on tomorrow and well into the future.  

This is our commitment to you.

Click below to learn more about the Reliability of Valley products.

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