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Props to Your Valley Dealer - Tell Your Dealer Why You Love Them

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Props ad Everyone likes to receive a compliment - it gives you the warm fuzzies…and sometimes a big head, but let’s focus more on the warm fuzzies. Even your Valley® dealer likes to hear that he and his crew are doing a great job! That’s why Valley Irrigation has created a super special social page on its Facebook Timeline called “Give Props to Your Valley Dealer.” 

Though the word is used a lot in modern music lyrics and such, you may be wondering what in the world “props” is (or are). In the words of the great Google, let me explain:

noun informal
1. respect or credit due to a person.
“Kelly gave her husband props for brushing the cat without having to be asked.”

Through the "Give Props to Your Valley Dealer" social page, Valley customers like you have the opportunity to share with the world why their Valley dealer is the best! But, we won’t keep these compliments to ourselves, there’s no need to be selfish! We’ll share them on all of our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), as well as with the dealers themselves!

Don't want to formally submit your props on the "Give Props to Your Valley Dealer" page, but still want your Valley dealer to know how much you appreciate his hard work? No problem - just use the hashtag #ValleyProps on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ along with your compliment and dealer's name (and a picture of your Valley machine, if you like)!

That being said, we want YOU to give props to your Valley dealer! Tell your dealer how much you appreciate his hard work in helping to keep your operation moving throughout the year. 

There are several ways to give props:

  • Facebook – Give Props to Your Valley Dealer social page (, or share on our Timeline using the #ValleyProps hashtag
  • Twitter – Tweet using the #ValleyProps hashtag (please also mention @ValleyPivots, if you have enough characters)
  • Google+ – Share using the #ValleyProps hashtag

Tell your dealer how much you love him today -  "Give Props to Your Valley Dealer" is only around for a limited time!

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