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Additional Gearbox Facility Provides Redundancy & Sustainability

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

New Gearbox facilityValley® is the only company in the irrigation industry that designs and builds its gearboxes right here in the United States. The quality is second to none, and it’s a source of pride for them. 

To keep up with the growing demand and create sustainability, Valley is increasing their commitment to their customers by building a new gearbox facility in Waverly, NE. Stephen LeGrand, Vice President of Global Operations, Valley Irrigation, says the new facility will also provide necessary redundancy. 

“If we ever had a disaster at our current gearbox facility in Valley, we’d be out of luck,” he explains. “This Waverly facility is about a 45-minute drive away from Valley – close enough to take advantage of the knowledge and core competency from our original facility, but far enough away for true redundancy.”

LeGrand says that having a second facility in the U.S. not only keeps the quality high, but it also provides customers with the fast turnaround they expect. “We have a very short supply chain, so we can ramp up or down as farmers’ needs change. We also provide competitive pricing against imported products, but Valley products are better built, with faster turnaround.”

Valley is building the gearbox facility at an unused site that they already owned. They are rejuvenating the site, which also helps revitalize the city of Waverly. 

“It’s a win-win for Waverly and for Valley,” says LeGrand. “We have our facility at a site that’s right for us, and Waverly benefits from the employment that a new business brings to town. We’ll be hiring highly skilled workers, eventually employing 30 to 40 people."

LeGrand explains that this facility represents a significant investment in their overall business. “It’s important that our customers know we’ll be here for them in the long run, providing the best possible products and service for them.”

He says that, just like growers must invest in their farms to ensure the best possible outcome, Valmont is investing in their business, explaining, “Investments like this one will ensure that we can meet the needs of farmers today and in the future.”

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