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Originally published in PivotPoint Spring 2011.

precision corner
Valley Precision Corner®

8000 series center pivot
Valley 8000 series Center Pivot

control panels
Valley dealer troubleshooting control panel

Growers are famous for being shrewd consumers. With every dollar hard earned from real, physical labor, they’re not going to waste it. The bottom line is value. Growers find that value in a variety of ways when they invest in Valley® equipment. That’s made Valley the leader in center pivot and linear irrigation, and their products the first choice of growers all across the country.

According to Brad Johnson, owner of BRJ Farms near Holdrege, Nebraska, the durability and reliability of a Valley is what gives him peace of mind. With a large number of soybean, corn, and seed corn acres, Johnson knows the vital role reliable irrigation equipment plays. “I’ve been around pivots for a long time, and I’ve chosen Valley center pivots for almost all of my ground. My father and I both trust Valley because we just don’t have breakdowns. We just don’t. These are long-lasting pivots and they’re made well,” he shared.

Johnson understands value. Valley center pivots are engineered, constructed, and field-tested to handle growers’ varying and challenging operating conditions. They are known to have the most durable structure in the market place and have a longer life span than other product brands proven by independent tests. Finally, they command the highest resale value.<

Brad’s Valley dealer, Central Valley Irrigation in Holdrege, Nebraska, likes to show growers in his area that the value of Valley machines starts from the ground up. “I like to take growers out to the manufacturing facility about an hour away from us. They see that these structures are made in an environment that is clean and professional. They see the steel when it comes out on a trailer. This is where it starts. Valley is committed to building things right, and that’s where durability begins.” He also shows growers who visit his dealership the stress tests that Valley has published on their structures. “When we talk about the durability of our structures, it’s important that they see the stress tests that have been done to prove the value of this. Valmont Irrigation really invests in these structures.”

Chuck Messersmith of Western Valley Irrigation in Alliance, Nebraska, believes the structural integrity of Valley machines is key. “The overall structure and the strength in engineering in the physical structure of Valley machines are a big part of the value for growers,” he explained.

Messersmith also pointed out that the clean lines and integrity of the span design is also an important detail he points out to growers. “The shape of the pipeline itself, the crown, shows a superior design. The structure is supported uniformly and the stress is more evenly distributed. When customers want to know why Valley machines have a longer life than other machines, I tell them that this is part of the reason behind that long life span.”

Custom-designed pipes and trussing, along with forged truss rods with a larger root radius and head diameter add to this strength – and to the long term value of Valley machines. Welded sprinkler outlets provide the most durable option when compared to other methods and also protect against a loss of water pressure, vital to precision water applications.

Well-made tower control boxes are another feature that adds value to Valley equipment. The main base component of the control box is made of steel rather than plastic. Other machine brands use plastic. All switches and control mechanisms are mounted on steel in Valley tower control boxes., and that increases the tolerance for clearance in the moving parts. The steel helps keep the alignment where it should be and is more durable.

The Valley gearbox is the pinnacle of the Valley drive train and yet another feature that proves industry leadership. It is designed and manufactured at Valmont Irrigation’s manufacturing facility in Valley, Nebraska, so that quality can be ensured. Messersmith, of Western Valley Irrigation, says “The truth about the gearbox is that you don’t have to sell it to growers – they already know that Valley gearboxes are better. They already know the difference!”

Finally, legendary Valley service is a big part of the overall value of a Valley machine to growers, according to Johnson of BRJ Farms. “Service is a huge one for me. The response time from my Valley dealer, Central Valley Irrigation, is amazing. They are there within an hour. It is fixed correctly the first time. The winter program is also awesome. They went through each pivot of mine last year and I went without any service calls during the irrigation season. They are just dependable – the machines and the company.”

Valley dealers are known to have a true caring for their customers. “Our customers are not just somebody we hope will buy something from us, but someone we can work with hand in hand to make irrigation work,” added Messersmith of Western Valley Irrigation.

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