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On Location: DropSpan Photo Shoot in Nebraska

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Written by Brooke Stover |

On Location: DropSpan Photo Shoot in NebraskaLook out! Valley® has jumped on the bandwagon and is using drones to take photos and videos!/p>

Last week, I worked with Don Fiedler of Sky Heli-Cam to snap some aerial images of an installed Valley DropSpan™ in Nebraska. Don built the “drone” himself and uses an attached camera to take aerial photos and videos; his Heli-Cam can fly over 400 feet above the field, which is quite the site to see! While Don drove the drone, I watched the footage on a monitor to make sure we got various angles of the machine./p>

DropSpanIt was a perfect morning to be out in Nebraska (57° on July 1 - can't go wrong!). I felt a little guilty about the perfect weather while coworkers Michelle and Jill experienced 100°+ weather in Washington on the same day!/p>

Check out our Facebook page for more images from this photo shoot.

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