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Behind the Scenes with Steve Rogers

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Meet Steve Rogers, Value Stream Manager at Valley Irrigation!

steve rogers

Although he is often mistakenly confused for Captain America, our own Steve Rogers has been a “superhero” on the job since 2007. Steve began his career with Valley Irrigation as an Irrigation Welding Supervisor, then he became a Value Stream Leader, and now he currently works as the Value Stream Manager. All throughout his time at Valley, he has participated in the Valmont United Way effort, helping to organize various charity events.

When it comes to working at Valley, Steve isn’t shy about stating why he likes working here so much. “It is a great feeling to know that you are not only helping people but entire countries improve their quality of life all over the globe. We are responsible for teaching them better farming and water conservation techniques as well as helping them become healthier by tapping into water resources that were not available before.”

When it comes to Valley, Steve takes pride in the fact that we take pride in everything we do. “There is a lot of pride that goes into the manufacturing of our products that is noticed and appreciated by our customer base.”

Even though he isn’t the Steve Rogers from the comic books, our own Steve Rogers does his part every day to improve our world.

When he isn’t at work, Steve is a full-time husband, father and student. “My wife Kari and I have been together for over 10 years, married for 8. We have two children, Ross 7 and Adyson 5. We spend most of our summer weekends camping, fishing, and spending time with friends and family.”


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