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Behind the Scenes with Kelly Cox

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Written by Valley Irrigation |

Meet Kelly Cox, global digital marketing manager at Valley® Irrigation!

Kelly Cox 060316-CROPPED.jpgKelly has been with Valley since 2008, starting shortly after graduating from Iowa State University.

Since 2013, Kelly has held the role of global digital marketing manager, through which she manages websites for Valmont Irrigation and is responsible for the digital marketing presence of the Valley brand. When needed, Kelly enjoys helping out her team with branding, writing, editing, designing and project management.

Over the years, Kelly has held several roles within the Valley Marketing department. Starting as an international marketing intern in 2008, she found a love for web and digital marketing. As both International and Global Marketing Coordinators, Kelly continued to hone her web design and development skills, as well as provided the team with writing, editing and print design services.

When asked what she loves most about Valley, Kelly said, “I love that I get excited to come to work every day and do what I do best in the professional world. I work among friends, colleagues and those awesome people who inspire me to continue to educate myself and grow.”

IMG_0501.jpgWhen asked what makes her proud to work at Valley Irrigation, Kelly responded, “Knowing that the work I do is making an impact in global food security and agriculture education is such an amazing feeling.”

Outside of her career, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family. Hobbies that she wishes she had more time for, now that she’s a working mom, include reading, singing and crafting. “I absolutely love to get sucked into a great story,” Kelly said. “Having time to read for hours at a time, along with a nice glass of wine, is something I need to make more time for!”

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