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Valley Irrigation
A River Ran Through It: (Changing Water Routes, Pump Irrigation and Center Pivots)

In the shadow of the Three Sisters Mountains near Sisters, OR, sits Pine...

Valley Irrigation
A Lifetime in Center Pivot Irrigation (50+ Years with Valley)

Technology is everywhere. And the rate of technological advancement is...

Valley Irrigation
Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners (and Future Valley Irrigators)

Valley Irrigation is the worldwide leader in center pivot irrigation. But why

Valley Irrigation
Georgia Grower Combines Tradition with Technology

The McNeill family established their farm before Georgia was even a state....

Valley Irrigation
Irrigating Sloping Land with Center Pivots

With permission and translated from Irrigazette

Valley Irrigation
Case Study: Family Farm Uses Irrigation Management to Keep Crops (and Land) Healthy

Every farm wants to be better, smarter and faster. The Berg family has found...

Valley Irrigation
These Valley Dealers Are Tops in Center Pivot Irrigation

Each year, Valley® Irrigation recognizes its center pivot dealers who have...

Valley Irrigation
A Nod to Sod: Growing Football Fields with Center Pivots and Other Fun Facts

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we thought it would be fun to talk...

Valley Irrigation
Sod Farmer Saves Time and Money with Remote Pivot Control Technology

Growing sod requires careful irrigation. With many varieties of grass, all...

Valley Irrigation
Nebraska Family Farm All Under One Center Pivot Smart Panel Series

The Walking C Cattle Company is a cow/calf operation that grows crops to...

Valley Irrigation
Recipe for a Plentiful Harvest: Skilled Growers & Precision Irrigation

This Thanksgiving, as we gather with family and friends to indulge ourselves...

Valley Irrigation
Data Leads to Smarter Center Pivot Irrigation

Information is one of the most powerful tools growers have in their arsenal...

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