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Valley Irrigation
Irrigating Multiple Crops with Center Pivots

Fernando and Carmelo Beloni represent the third generation of their family...

Valley Irrigation
Sold on First-Year Savings and Greater Uniformity With Pivot Irrigation

K & L Forest Nursery grows pine trees, which can be used for everything from...

Valley Irrigation
Large Family Farm Takes Advantage of the Latest Irrigation Technology

Irrigation machines are a familiar part of the landscape in south-central...

Valley Irrigation
Center Pivots and Irrigation Pumps: The Right Amount of Water at the Right Time

From planting the seeds to harvesting, the relatively short life cycle of a...

Valley Irrigation
Persistence and Technology Pay Off for Nebraska Farm Family

Roric Paulman grew up on the farm his grandfather had established near...

Valley Irrigation
The 8th Wonder of the World: Center Pivots

Imagine a single company being able to produce enough food for more than...

Valley Irrigation
There’s No Replacement for the Best (Trust Valley Genuine Parts)

Every crop has stages when proper irrigation is essential for the best...

Valley Irrigation
AgSense Remote Irrigation Monitoring Helps Minnesota Grower Produce Top-Quality Potatoes

Irrigation is important for many growers, but some crops have more demanding...

Valley Irrigation
From Peasant to Entrepreneur (An international success story)

Eliésio Rodrigues was raised with a hoe in his hand. He was only 9 years old...

Valley Irrigation
A River Ran Through It: (Changing Water Routes, Pump Irrigation and Center Pivots)

In the shadow of the Three Sisters Mountains near Sisters, OR, sits Pine...

Valley Irrigation
A Lifetime in Center Pivot Irrigation (50+ Years with Valley)

Technology is everywhere. And the rate of technological advancement is...

Valley Irrigation
Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners (and Future Valley Irrigators)

Valley Irrigation is the worldwide leader in center pivot irrigation. But why

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